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The design software of geogrid reinforced retaining structure includes MSEW and ReSSA. This kind of software has nearly 30 years of application history in foreign countries. After a lot of engineering practice prove, it has high security and strong practicability, and it is recommended by American authorities. The software MSEW and ReSSA is an interactive and design oriented program for geosynthetics reinforced retaining wall and steep slope. For a given question including the strength, reduction factor and design safety factor of geogrid material, the program can calculate the optimal geogrid reinforcement design under different working conditions, and provide safe and economic design scheme for customers, It is a program specially designed for the reinforcement of geotechnical materials.
BI-Design is an interactive design software, which help engineers select suitable geosynthetics to solve the soft foundation issue encountered, improve the pavement performance, shorten construction period and save construction costs. This software has been proven by the global engineering projects for the past 30 years, which provides clients safe and reliable solutions.

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