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Erosion Control

E’GRID Geocell in slope protection

E’GRID Geocells are light in weight and  easily handled. They are delivered in collapsed form in flexible strips that can be folded for ease of transportation. They have high strength and durability, being manufactured from an engineering grade of HDPE. construction is simple. The collapsed strips open into large flexible rectangular panels that are easlily connected together and anchored to the surface of the slope.





Established plants can be immediately planted in the cells or the surface can be seeded. E’GRID Geomat may be added for protection if surface scour is likely before the seeds germinate and become established. Large areas of slope can be quickly vegetated with reinforcement that provides immediate protection and prevent future deterioration. Alternatively, the filled geocells can be left to seed naturally with local species to blend fully with the local environment in suitable climate.










E'GRID geogrids for rock fall protection

E'GRID PP Biaxial geogrids have high tensile strength good durability, high resistance to weathering and UV Light attack. They can be attached to rock slope faces using steel plates, ropes and rock bolts, to prevent further deterioration of the face.

E'GRID PP Biaxial geogrid is wide and lightweight and easy install on the exposed rock face, Itretains loose rocks and broken stones and encourages vegetation growth to improves the stability of the slope in the long term with cost savings over traditional solutions.