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E’DRAIN T geocomposite for road drainage applications

It is well understood that water penetration into a roadbed or sub-base accelerates damage to the structure.  A saturated structure will suffer hydrodynamic effects under traffic loads that generate excess pressures and increase the rate of failure. Water may enter the structure either as rainfall from above or capillary rise from below. In either case, it is the presence of the water will increase the rate of failure of the structure.

A road with well designed and constructed drainage system has useful life approximately 2-3 times greater than the road without such a drainage system.



When repairing roads, E’DRAIN geocomposite may be laid directly under the new road structure
in place of traditional drainage materials. E’DRAIN geocomposite will collect and drain the groundwater and rainwater to promote drainage from the structure and prolong the service life.



Replacing the traditional gravel drainage layer in a road structure with E’DRAIN Geocomposite will promote good drainage and can greatly reduce the regional road base or sub-base thickness, improve the bearing capacity and eliminate differential settlement. It also prevents the capillary rise of moisture into the road section to minimize problems associated with freeze-thaw cycles.