Reinforced Soil Slope


In engineering construction, slope is often reinforced due to the terrain or engineering needs. Soil slope with E’GRID uniaxial geogrid reinforced can effectively improve the stability of slope, significantly reduce the project cost, and plant grass on the slope facing.

Structural Types of Reinforced Soil Slope


Reinforced soil slope with natural slope facing

BOSTD uniaxial geogrid could be used to reinforce and repair clay slopes or gentle slopes in pluvial regions. In order to prevent slope erosion,  mat with 3D is applied onto slope surface and  planting soil could be filled into the mat to achieve greening.


Wrap-around Type of Geogrid Reinforced Soil Slope

For steep slope, horizontally-laid uniaxial geogrid could be wrapped around along slope face then applied onto higher level soil horizontally,  filling then will be applied onto this layer of geogrid. This kind of slope has flexible structural surface, grass could be planted so as to achieve greening.


Hanging Type of Reinforced Soil Slope

Anchor bars are pre-embedded into soil slope body, then rebar net is hang onto the anchor bars, plain concrete is sprayed onto the net structure  so as to achieve reinforcement. This type of reinforcement is suitable for steep slope projects that are inappropriate for planting and afforesting.


Steel Mesh Panel Reinforced Soil Slope

It allows horizontally-laid uniaxial geogrid to fix onto the steel mesh panel, without support from outside or clay bags. The slope surface enables greenery, It is suitable for steep slope.


Geocell Reinforced Soil Slope

Horizontally laid E’GRID uniaxial geogrid ensures integral stability of slope, E’GRID GC geocell is applied in tiers along slope facing, grass is  planted in cells and afforestation are available. This type of reinforcement improves local stability and beautifies the environment.

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