Reinforced Retaining Wall


The reinforced soil retaining wall composed of E’GRID uniaxial geogrid, filling and panel has the advantages of easy got fillings nearby, simple construction, few procedures, short construction period, no need of complex machinery, and the overall project cost is lower than that of traditional retaining wall. The panel of reinforced soil retaining wall could be customized with different patterns according to the environment and needs, so as to harmonize with the surrounding environment and form a novel landscape.

Structural Types of Reinforced Retaining Wall


Concrete Panel Reinforced Retaining Wall

Panel basically covers concrete modular block, reinforced concrete prefabricated part or full-height concrete panel. It can be prefabricated or casted in place to form different textures, colors, angles, structural types and geometric dimensions.

Steel Mesh Panel Reinforced Wall

Steel mesh panel reinforced wall quickly establishes slope without support. Panel and fillings can be constructed separately, while the wall surface can be used to plant vegetation, making it more aesthetically appealing than traditional retaining wall.


Gabion Panel Reinforced Wall

Using gabion structure as panel, E’GRID uniaxial geogrid works as reinforcement element as behind the panel. The structure is simple, slope having good anti-erosion performance. Such structure is always used for area suffering river scouring.

Geocell Panel Reinforced Wall

Using a single-layer geocell, vegetation is planted in its cell, which is as facing. E’GRID uniaxial geogrid works as reinforcement element to form reinforced soil retaining wall structure.


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